Help Stop Childhood Obesity

FREE Exercise Programs for Pre K-6 Grade Children

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The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity is Destroying Our Children's Future

You Can Help at School, and at Home, by Helping Kids Develop Lifelong Fitness and Healthy Eating Habits

Prevent Obesity with Daily, Vigorous Exercise

Attack Childhood Obesity with the #1 Preventive Measure
Most Kids exercise under 5 minutes a day - not enough to develop healthy hearts nor control their weight

FREE Daily At-Desk Exercise FUN

Get Kids Physically Active Daily In-school - At home
Kids exercise vigorously at-desk with daily GoZonkers Radio Adventures - fun 8-9 minute audio stories delivered through Internet download

For most Kids, GoZonkers doubles the amount of daily exercise - watch the short demo to the right

Turnkey PE Program for Non-PE Teachers

The Nation's Only Proven PE Program
Dramatic Health Results After Only 5 Weeks

FREE For Your School Officials

Physically Active Kids Get Better Math and Reading Scores
Read this In-depth Research Reporting the Dramatic Link Between Academics and Exercise for Elementary Children

You Can Help Attack Childhood Obesity in Your School

Enlist Teachers, Parents, School Officials, and Parent Organizations
Receive special support materials to mobilize your school to attack childhood obesity with the above FREE programs

Our Mission: Attack Childhood Obesity

We are losing an entire generation to childhood obesity
Daily, vigorous exercise has been proven to be the number 1 prevention for childhood obesity, yet, over half our Kids get less the 5 minutes of exercise a day

Thank You for your interest in helping to attack
Childhood Obesity at school, and at home

The GoZonkers Team
Keep Moving...

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